Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bride of Frankenpattern!

I'm all about the frankenpattern these days. Also I'm loving the pattern mixing. To that end I bring you Bride of Frankenpattern, the skirt!
Sure, it may look like an innocent dress, but it will be used for parts! And since today is the Autumnal Equinox, I made it in tweed. Because even though it's 98, it's still Autumn. The pattern had conveniently been pinned up for shortening in the envelope, thanks to an anonymous lady from the 1930's. These skirts tend to be very long. What with the 3 1/2" allowance for a hem.
Thanks anonymous lady, you saved me a step!

Let's all play find the seam allowance. Here's a hint, they make you work for it. 

Over-dyed for a better match
I like to over dye cotton tape zippers, or "slide fasteners" as they called them. I'm fastidious about some things but not others. I really hate a bulky waist band, they are for suckers. I prefer a nice flat grosgrain ribbon binding. Purist might want to look away now.
Nice and flat, like mama like.

This is the pattern mixing part
Big houndstooth jacket (I think he was a Blues musician) and a shorty sweater with vintage buttons and we are done. It practically makes itself! Look to see me wearing it sometime in December, because I can't even imagine cool weather, it's been so long.
Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

And You'll Find that You're in the Rotogravure

Road trip to the Gatsby Summer Afternoon, was as always, well worth the trip. We drove up to the Bay Area on Saturday, caught up with friends, had a little dinner, a drinky and were up early for the making of sandwiches and the packing of baskets. Here are the photos, you are warned.

Frankendress was a success, if a little slouchy.
Daniel (you elegant fowl) and the fabulous Autumn

Angela of "La Chatelaine Chocolat"
Just flippin' fab!
Sartorial splendor worthy of a stroll in the 'bois'

Caitlin with Chris, she made this bathing suit from a Target sweater, cut off the sleeves and used then for the trunks. Genius!
A fine example of the great costuming on display here.
"The Austrian Woman", Michael, Todi and Cynthia.
Baggy pants shenanigans!

Lounging on the beach, with lifeguards, ladies and beach pajamas.

Kendra giving that far-away look.
More shenanigans with Lifeguard Liam!
This year was a sell out, I think about 1000 people including vintage cars and bathtub gin. The weather was lovely after a few days of a hot spell and there was nothing to do but eat, drink, wander, dance and mooch treats from picnic pals. A roaring success!
On to the next!
Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The 500 Hats of Miss Brilliantine

I love hats.
Parasols, gloves, shoes, you get the idea. I was going to make this adorable free hat pattern from the blog Whatifound.
Then didn't. Riffle through the boxes, get out the lining, follow the pictures. Maybe later.
 Instead I dug deep and found a straw hat blank that had never been blocked and still had the tag. So I got out my 99c Store plastic place mat and set to work making a "block", I used the term loosely.
I cut the edge out and then a disc from the plastic and taped them together.

Just enough structure to give it shape after a quick immersion in hot water.

A little sunshine to set it.

Voila! Add ribbon until satisfied. Not sure about the daisies, they may get replaced with something more serious.

This is why we need a stash. It all came from there, the straw, the ribbon, the daisies. It will look very well with the frankendress. And my little round sunglasses and my parasol and my re-mix shoes. I think I'm done.
Every Your Thimble Etc.
Miss Brilliantine