Tuesday, January 27, 2015

From Thai Silk to Tie Silk

I had to abandon the velvet and Thai silk as the Thai silk never arrived. I did buy a length of tie silk I found in a bin. What? It was all forlorn and followed me home. This means I'm on my third design for  a ladies bustle tea in February (I have been helping a friend with design and construction as well). And design is the part that takes me the longest, I dither and fret. Once I have the design firmly in mind I can sew a blue streak.
I love a men's wear foulard.
Now the push is on. It was going to have draped swags and fancy turnings but it's going to be pretty basic and serviceable.  No time to dye velvet to match for cuffs and such and the buttons are coming from Ebay. Because the giant can of vintage buttons I have already wouldn't do. I did use stash cotton for flat lining, because all the cotton will never be dresses... the precious.
The sewing room is strewn with  shrapnel of discarded designs, I pick my way across and scrape a little room on the ironing board. Wish me luck!
Every Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine

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