Monday, May 11, 2015

Two More 99c Store Hacks-

For the warmer weather.
Picnic season is upon us and we need to keep cool. In our persons and with our props.
Here are a couple of really quick hacks from my fav 99c store.
Hack the first-insulated carpet bag.
I tried this last Summer on the round basket and it worked a treat.

The basket doesn't have a lid so I use a folded cloth to keep in the cold, works great.
 I used one of those fold-up auto sunshades, cut it to shape and machine sewed it with a heavy needle. The feed dogs can't grip it so you need to guide a little, just a little persuasion will do.
Use your blunt craft scissors to cut it out.
I used the smooth side in and just sewed up the 2 sides and the bottom, Presto!
This will hold 3 bottles of Champagne and a few sandwiches, if you like that sort of thing. (Ha, toes!)

This works about as well as any of those insulated bags from the store. It won't keep ice cream frozen but with a few cold packs, drinks and food stay nice and cold/cool depending how long you use it. Plus you can customize it for a buck!
I won't tell if you don't
Hack the Second- Dress shields.
I sew dress shields into all my dresses, I've used heavy flannel drapery lining,  remove and wash them after each use. I was wandering the automotive isle and ran across these polishing cloths.
It could work!
Machine washable you say, go on....
I thought I could simply cut them out and not have to serge the edges, I haven't tried them yet but "all signs point to yes" as the Magic Eight Ball used to say.
The happy crescent
I tack them into the armscye seam, just like every extant dress I've ever seen.
Pause in your perplexity for the practically perfect picnic.

Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Impressionist Picnic

Or what you can make with a $10 sari other than a regency gown. I wanted an easy picnic dress and found a lovely simple organdy sari. The rest you can see for yourself. Mostly pictures, beware!
I used every bit of the embroidered edge, it made itself!
I filled in the curvy front with another bit of embroidered organdy. Never throwing anything away pays off.

I draped the overskirt  using as much of the edge as possible, asymmetry to the recuse.
re-trimmed flowerpot hat

Lolling under the trees

Mega-Bustle (look for her in the new Marvel comic)

Our resident painter, Chuck. At the Impressionist picnic we don't just talk the talk, we walk it.

The Gentlemen

The ladies
The Rancho
I love a vintage picnic and luckily have like minded friends. Do we do a first person impression? No, we just like to bring out all the linen, plate and bubbly, get dressed up in out finest, filmiest attire and disport ourselves. That's enough.
I was waylaid by an emergency dental surgery earlier that week, malaise set in. I did finish the dress and muster all the enthusiasm I could.  I ended up having a lovely time. (But thuffering thuccotash I thtill have thitches)
Ever Youur Thimble Thervant,
Mith Brilliantine