Monday, March 30, 2015

I Call it Macaroni

I was all set to make the J.P. Ryan Anglaise, I cut out the bodice and had it fitted and then thought, "Is this the light as air, Easter egg, Montgolfier air-balloon look I want?" No. I have left it for another day.
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow... but someday.
And I had gone to the FIDM museum exhibit and saw this dress which was an inspiration.
It is every kind of lovely. But the stash was calling and I found I wanted a macaroni jacket, I know you know the one.
Although I thought I'd make it waist length. Who doesn't love cunning little tails? And cross barred silk. Yes, I know it's plaid but we'll agree on crossed barred.
 The J.P. Ryan pattern with back extended to make tails.

Strips of fabric fringed to make self trim.

That's what I'm talking about. I had the copper colored buttons over painted in Testor's iridescent model paint and I loved how they turned out.
Sink Me! I'm an air-balloon! (Maybe two)
I have to put a curve in the center front, laying it on the strait doesn't work for me. I'm not really built for this period although I love it. I'd like to add that this pattern is great and easy, I'll definitely use it again.
I was in the company of a bouquet ladies and we had a lovely time. Delicious savories and sweets and did I mention the Champagne?
Kim, our lovely Hostess, Loren D. And Jenny S.
Rivals to the flowers!
As you can see, it was the perfect afternoon. The absolute definition of Conviviality.

Picnic season is coming, to the throne of parasols!

Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine.


  1. You all look soo be-YOO-T-ful!

  2. Macaroni looks really, really gorgeous. But then everything you make does. :) So I nominated you for an award. x Nessa