Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The 500 Hats of Miss Brilliantine

I love hats.
Parasols, gloves, shoes, you get the idea. I was going to make this adorable free hat pattern from the blog Whatifound.
Then didn't. Riffle through the boxes, get out the lining, follow the pictures. Maybe later.
 Instead I dug deep and found a straw hat blank that had never been blocked and still had the tag. So I got out my 99c Store plastic place mat and set to work making a "block", I used the term loosely.
I cut the edge out and then a disc from the plastic and taped them together.

Just enough structure to give it shape after a quick immersion in hot water.

A little sunshine to set it.

Voila! Add ribbon until satisfied. Not sure about the daisies, they may get replaced with something more serious.

This is why we need a stash. It all came from there, the straw, the ribbon, the daisies. It will look very well with the frankendress. And my little round sunglasses and my parasol and my re-mix shoes. I think I'm done.
Every Your Thimble Etc.
Miss Brilliantine


  1. I like the daisies!

  2. Very pretty indeed! I also have an old straw hat in dire need of reblocking and decorating. I just need to do it...