Monday, October 12, 2015

Make with the Pants, Already!

This is a great pants pattern, I've made it multiple times, so has my friend Athene. They look great on us both, she's tall, I'm 5'5". I love a nice wide leg, I say bah! to the skinny jean, you heard me. (I see many school groups of teenagers at the Museum were I occasionally work and the skinny looks bad on all of them, slim, fat, tall, short. It really isn't a good look on anyone.) However they need pockets, I've amended this defect by finding a nice pocket from some long forgotten 70's pattern and over laid it. See.
With my frankenpattern blouse, Rocket Original sandals and reproduction metal picnic basket from World Market
It likes the pocketses!
And it's not just for denim, I had some mystery wool with just a bit of stretch deep, deep in the boxes.
I'm comin' atcha'! With a handbag.
 No one should be cinched when bifurcated,  I like the slight bagginess in the rise. They are super quick to make, show me your version.
And this goof-ball hat, probably from the 40's but with a different tassel. I'm guessing it was originally something soft like rayon because the jet swings and hits you in the!
I'm about to start another big 1880's ball gown for November, I'll keep you posted.

Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine

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