Monday, December 14, 2015

Victorian Mash-up and a little Dickens Christmas

Sometimes one just can't face a crinoline. The press of crowds and the closeness of the venue make it sound less fun, not more. And more fun is what we're after. Since it's not my show I figured I could wear what I wanted and I wanted to wear a bustle. So I did what they would have done and made a day vest for a ball gown skirt to wear to the Great Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco.

Lets break it down
Ball gown skirt
Sleeveless day vest.

Black velveteen bolero, with added embellishments, bought from a TJ Maxx years ago. 

 Is the bolero a cheat, sure. But the remade silk velvet one I had in the works went all sleevil on me. It was an armscye thing mostly- all bindy and that's no fun either. I had made my brother a vest and pants so my plate was full already. That's my story anyway.
Canny readers may recognize the vest fabric as left over from my tea dress from last year.

He is the best brother, he and his wife have been so lovely to me this past difficult Summer. He is always ready to indulge me in dress-up road trips. So I can indulge him in new togs, win/win!
The Dickens Christmas Fair is really worth a visit, all the characters come to life with fabulous food, drink and shows. It isn't Christmas for me without a visit.
As  matter of fact our London pals fly over for our Victorian Ball in Pasadena, a legendary Christmas party the next weekend and a quick trip to the Dickens fair. It's worth it.
Simon and Mark, at the SDI ball and ready for frolics!
And finally my ball gown.
May all the lights shine for you this Merry season. However you celebrate, may it be with love.
Ever Your Thimble Servant
Miss Brilliantine


  1. Everything you make is gorgeous, I'm your bestest fan <3

  2. So awesome! You're an inspiration in the ways you mix and match fabrics. I've been trying to ask What Would V Do? as I work on my latest bustle creation.

  3. Thanks Loren! It's an acquired skill, as we are all informed by our "Barbie" sensibility of dream house that matches shoes and handbag. Hard to over ride the default.

  4. Oh how fabulous everything looks!! I am loving the jewel toned colors!!