Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ah, Spring!

I got out the cottons for a "Brooklyn" inspired skirt. You remember it.
Sunny and sweet.
 I don't usually make reproductions and this isn't one. But I do love the bright optimistic take on Summer this movie employed and took my palette from there. Truthfully, this movie is great but I have watched MANY a terrible flick for the color combos. Sometimes you just want to be washed over by technicolor.
 I had this Butterick pattern, which many of you already have and tweaked it.
This pocket is a quick sew and really fun.
I used the skirt portion of the pattern and added a grosgrain waistband, also shortened  it by 2"

Pocket tweak, contrast lining and knot detail.

Thought I was smiling, Ha!
I love to use the bottom halves of dress patterns for skirts. I do it all the time, it never disappoints.
I will probably wear this skirt with a cute tee and flat sandals, a lace collar blouse is a little too lamb for this mutton.

I was blissfully ironing away and reached for the water bottle to refill the reservoir and reached for the wrong bottle. Just like in a movie where the protagonist reaches for a bottle and instead grabs poison. That never happens, you say...
  I filled the iron with Best Press. The pricey sizing that works a treat but is not for the iron. I filled it to the brim, because Rowenta has started leaking. (What's that Rowenta? Why do I have a shotgun? Why are we going behind the shed?) And now the sewing room is redolent with the nominally pleasant smell of Spring... or starch.
Let this be a lesson to us all.

Ever Your Thimble Servant
Miss Brilliantine


  1. LOVED the movie and the costumes! I'm working on some of my own Brooklyn inspired pieces right now too. Your skirt is super darling with the contrast in the pocket!