Saturday, February 17, 2018

Emperor Norton and the Rest

I packed up, bags and baggage. All the hats, boots, petticoats, chignons and everything needed, or perceived to be needed for an audience with an Emperor. Let me tell you, that's a lot of stuff, my perception is keen.
 Held in the library of the classical stone and steel Mechanic's Institute, we arrived and I was immediately asked if I was wearing American Duchess boots. Funny kindred spirits.   

On my way up, in my American Duchess "Colette" boots.

 The Emperor was there in splendor, greeting subjects, he was everything affable and condescending.
All gussied up in epaulets and orders.
Waltzes and quadrilles played in the background, champagne and absinthe were there for the asking with a lovely spread of tasty things, all cheesy and sausagey. We mingled and when the toasts were held, they were (wisely) brief, the Emperor was invoked and we went back to imbibing.

The picture is slightly out of focus, I leave you to your own conclusions.
 In honor of the Emperor, a local distiller had made a gin called "Bummer and Lazarus" after his dogs. They may be apocryphal, but the gin was delicious. It was so smooth it rolled like round vowels, the beginging of a new Romance language.
My dear friend Todi happily joined us. She always makes it more fun.
How far would you trust them?

And the rest-
People are always giving me things. It's a generous if random impulse, it can be an attic full of turn-of-the-century clothing and mementos (I still have a box full of WWI postcards) which delighted my treasure hunting heart. Or the occasional discarded, unloved and unwanted wedding dress. (I don't want to know the backstory.) I accept them, they way you do when your dog brings you something she caught. "You like it, don't you?"  I do.
I was given a giant bright blight a week ago. The thing was huge and needed to be carved up and rendered down. like this-
It might be time for new proverb-

"Marry in polyester, repent in linen".

Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine

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