Sunday, August 19, 2018

A Little Desultory Progress

You know how you stare at the blank canvas or blank page or try to move the line by inches, cuz inches is all you have in you? Half Hearted Or a Meh-Summers Night Dream.

Yup, I know this isn't the get-up and go that crossed the prairie and built the Hoover dammit.
 Modern grit-less, moon launch  much?
I did have a plan, and have wandered over and sewn a bit. I made a 30's frock for the Gatsby Summer Afternoon. Which looks decidedly frumpy, it's not helping. Could be the frock, could be me,  I even made a belt....
Had a zesty plan to start my fancy dress for our ball in November. Yes, November, I like to be done with time to spare (unlike book reports of yore).
These are the dogs days, I guess, why be so sirius.
A little from the stash and the corselet returns and returns again.
All held together by pins and good intentions.
This will be my Thpanish costume, I was considering "The last Rose of Summer" all green and pink and brown around  the edges. Fitting, but it would require too much explanation.
Maybe I'll post the 30's frock after I've worn it. Could always be worse.

Ever Your Thimble Servant
Miss Brilliantine

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