Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Am A Plaidypus

Dickens Fair was so much jolly fun, a lovely meet-up with many old friends. Friends so dear that the passage of a great deal of time still reveals all the same affection. We drank and caroused, we quipped and cajoled. We were on a tear, a spree, we kicked over the traces and cut up didos. I think you get my meaning.  And all in plaid.
All forlorn on the dress form
And in the low light of the fair

There were many other lovely plaid dresses, Aimee Major http://aimeemajor.com/wp/2014/12/15/dickens-fair-2014/#comment-28212 and Val Labore, http://timetravelingincostume.blogspot.com/
Who also have many more pictures than I took the trouble to take, being "Madame Mischief".
My dear friend Todi in her Music Hall costume, she is a spawkling diamond!
Sunday I was a demi-Harlequin, in a saucy short skirt which was very handy for traversing crowds. 
If I were a better blogger I'd have more pictures. Go over to Aimee's blog she has tons!
Ever Your Thimble,
Miss Brilliantine


  1. It was so great to see you! I wish I'd had more time to hang out. Next time, cocktails!

    I LOVED your plaid dress, you looked gorgeous. And on that note -- I'd love it if someday you'd do a post about how you get such a stunning shape in your corsets/gowns. Do you just have a freakishly tiny waist? Or do you know some secrets that I don't for making your fabulous curves look even more fabulous?

  2. Right back atcha!
    You are truly lovely and every year more so! Thanks for the compliment, but I really need a new corset, *yikes*. Honestly, I have a large bust and small ribcage. No secret there.
    And you rocked the bonnet!

  3. Working on my blog now, and am waiting for the hi-res pics of us together from Rebecca. Soon my dear, soon.
    Lovely to meet you there.

  4. I keep checking your blog to see the Dickens Fair write up. I'm sure you'll do it justice! I was too giddy to take many pictures, and I forgot to mention the dancing. Lovely to see you there in all your vivid glory!

  5. Oh your dress is gorgeous! More lovely plaid! Ok, so what is that super cool black ribbon at your waist? The Dickens Fair looks like it was a really fun event! I'm jealous!!!

  6. Gina,
    It is a tasseled sash, I use it to hide the skirt opening and my pocket.