Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I'm going to TRY and finish some UFOs.
I hear that laughter. I have started many a project that lose steam for as many reasons as there are excuses. I know you know. I was going to try and de-stash this year, too. After some internal wrestling, I figured I love fabric more than keeping to a tidy hoard, so that didn't happen. Know yourself, I say.
I was going through the half finished, half remembered to give away a UFO to a friend (that's one way to finish them) when I came across this.

Black lace over silk, what's not to like?

Sleeves "donated" from something that had outlived it's welcome.

I love the lines on bustle bodices.

  I don't remember what this was for. I think it may have been a Victorian Halloween of some sort. Who knows, but it will  make a nice dinner dress, for....... a nice dinner. Don't hold me to anything, I reserve the right to abandon it. I think the basic bodice is a cobbled front and back from a few TV patterns. It's always a mix and match over here with deviations, lots of deviations.  I have lots more jet in the stash so I'll festoon the front with sparkles. I have a ladies tea coming up in February, one would think it would be perfect, but I have another plan which involves paisley velvet and silk taffeta. It's a sickness.

I here by absolve you from stash-busting. Buy what you love and give away the UFOs to someone who will squee with delight. Everyone wins!
Every Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine

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  1. Giving away, or maybe trading, UFOs is a great idea. possibly a good way of introducing newbies with the sewing bug too...