Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chaos Reigns

This is why I can't get anything done.
Start and stop and then a Fabalanche (that's a fabric avalanche).
Don't believe me?

I have way more in the garage, more everything, fabric, trim, hats, costumes, patterns. No wonder my mind's a clutter. I pick my way daintily across the mess to get to the machine but don't stop to tidy. I'm only half done with the current project and I'm mentally racing toward another. I know all hobbyists, train modelers, knitters, painters, scrap-bookers are, let's call it acquisitive, but really.

This is what I'm trying to finish.

A simple bustle dress made from a cotton sari, no trimming necessary it's embroidered.
Just spelunking for lining cotton distracts me. So many discoveries deep, deep in the boxes.
Solidarity in creative chaos! Who's with me!
 (I can't decide if I'm ashamed or triumphant, talk about distracted.)
I will finish and post pictures, then who'll have the last laugh.

Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine

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