Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I Tried to Sew a Thing

Is it a summer malaise? I don't know.
Have you ever gotten into such a turn of mind were even the thing you love to do is too much trouble? I've made a few forays into the sewing room and thought and thought about projects. I get out patterns and even bought some silk online. Meh, too much trouble, it's too hot, I don't wanna.
So many people are busily sewing for events and Costume College, I can barely fold up the unused pattern. Staring at UFOs won't get them finished.
What a rut. But you want pictures. I know how this works.
I have done a little dress-up so here's my pansy Fancy-dress that I wore to the Magic Castle in Hollywood on Sunday.

Is it influenza?
Is it a catarrh?
Should I remove her tonsils, and put them in a jar?
Is it mal-contentment, brought on by a wish?
Please remove your horoscope and put it in the dish.
Cast an oath on sticks and stones, meted out by churls,
Then take the word of better men, who know what's good for girls.

Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine


  1. This is quite the thing indeed, but it's really charming. :)

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  3. Love love love the pansy fancy dress!! What a wonderful dress you have made! I totally get the rut thing with sewing. I was in one for a while after making my sailor dress. For me, is it was a difficult project that I was working on and completed, my brain needs a rest from sewing...but you will get your groove back!!! Thanks for the pictures!

  4. I will get my groove back! I thought I'd post the struggle instead of posting nothing. Thanks for the lovely comment, I have started a cute summer skirt but it still doesn't have a zipper. ;)

  5. I love it! Any pics of you in it by chance?

    The summer lethargy seems to have struck everyone....maybe the sewing mice are on strike!