Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ladies, I Salute You!

Still working toward my sewing mojo.
In the mean time I have been pondering the women who have stepped out of their comfort to make amazing products available to the rest of us. I used to think how great it would be if SOMEONE made historical reproduction shoes that were affordable. I thought about it a lot. One can only scramble through the left-
My American Duchess Pompadors. How'd you like a house falling on you!
overs from the 1990's for so long, they fall apart, no matter how cute the curvy heel is. Enter American Duchess, she made the leap for all of us. I can attest to the quality and the personal customer support (I have 4 pairs). Brava!

Autumn Adamme the founder of Dark Garden Corsetry has been in the business of making hourglasses where hourglasses are needed since the late 1980's. Her shop in San Francisco is legendary and of course everything is available on line.

Most of us know Kendra Van Cleave, she had the watershed costuming blog and now has a fabulous 18th century hair styling book. Another leap of faith, and a marvelous endeavor.

From liquid rouge to hair pomatum Alicia Schult has it in her Etsy shop. These mostly organic products are from original recipes, 18th and 19th century. I have been using the Gypsy astringent and it leaves your face soft and smooth. It got rid of the little forehead bumps I was slowly amassing. I have given out her tiny rouge samples as favors and want to try the pomatum, it comes in different scents, mmmm rose scented hair.
Lauren of Wearing History has had her sewing patterns out for a few years and has a new line of ready to wear. If you can't sew or have time constraints (who doesn't) her line is a great way to go. Mostly vintage 30's and 40's reproductions in custom printed fabrics.
Not just adorbs, but adorable, this deserves the whole word.

If you are looking for something smoldering to wear underneath it all  Gina of Maddy James has a line of vintage inspired lingerie. Why lounge in sweat pants when you can luxuriate in satin.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and we all know the rest of the iceberg is ice cream. These ladies have all stepped out into the void and hoped to fill it and they have with yummy stuff we all need. I have thought of many a thing we could all use that never got out of the gate, I think we all have. My hats off to them (hey, I forgot about hats).

Please note, none of  these businesses have sponsored this post. I'm sharing my experiences of them because it's important to support these businesses. I want everyone to succeed and they can!

Ever Your Thimble etc.
Miss Brilliantine

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