Friday, July 29, 2016

My Little Enthusiasms

I had the conceit of a small trifle, a little giveaway from your Blogess to the attendees at Costume College. Had them made up and then called to have them overnighted (who wants them next Monday) Then received a call that the whole thing was being re-done and I'd have them Saturday. Well maybe they will show, maybe they won't, here's a peek.
I know I'd like one.
So that put a damper on things.

I did muster enough to make a long delayed Franken-blouse from a  dress pattern. See.
I'ma gonna wear it!
Baby wants to be a Franken-blouse.

I found a post about using a glue stick to position a zipper and it works a treat! Just don't get any of the glue on the metal teeth.

Since I'm only 20 mins away from the Costume College venue I'll pop in and out hopefully with treats. Otherwise the Trick or Treaters are getting something incomprehensible in their bags this Halloween.

Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine


  1. Godspeed Miss B! May you elude all wardrobe malfunctions and may your fabulousness redound on the Collegium and theirs upon you!

    Beckett Howell, Lt. The Hatefish

  2. Missed you today! There was some dog regurgitation.. so I got a late start. Expect to be there all day tomorrow, hopefully see you at the tea? Heard that there are almost always tix at the Info desk to be had beforehand. :)