Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Turque(ish) Delight

 I had a wonderful invitation to a Bastille Day/Birthday party for a dear friend.
 Let's call it a Birthille day party. I thought it would be the perfect time to try out a little Turque jacket, from scraps. You've seen these little jackets, not a Pierrot not a caraco, sort of a transitional affair with stripes and a tail, not unlike a platypus.
Confusion and dangerous times, with dagged sleeves.
I had a small stash of hoarded scraps in a pretty color with just enough to eek out a pair of dagged sleeves. I set to work.
 I used it ALL.
With a little frankenpatterning of the JP Ryan Anglaise pattern, I managed to eek out a fake "zone" front and sleeves. I cut out the front stripe and treated it as one with the aqua silk. Not the way I have seen it done on extant garments, but I'm telling a story here!
I love the sleeve on this pattern, I used the upper part and just added the dags. Then I treated the over/undersleeve as one. HA who knows... I think maybe the answer is lost to time. ;)
It was all coming together, an easy sew and a fun one. No big problems to unravel, SWEET.
No corset on the dummy so it looks a little crumpled, but golden tassels!
Fleur de lis buttons, Citizen? Perhaps my commitment to the Revolution isn't what it should be.
Fancy paste buckle, just waiting to be used.

I was sick as a dog. I had spent the preceding Wednesday at the ER with my mom and her terrible stomach flu. No good deed goes unpunished and I was laid low, very low. I laid on the sofa, barely able to open my eyes and felt like the only kid not at an epic party.
On the positive side, I have a new jacket waiting to be worn.
Such cold, cold comfort.
Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine


  1. I LOVE IT. You and A were very much missed. Since she also made a new frock, I think it's only fitting to come up with an event to display them.

    1. Thanks, Doll! I was still in a funk like a petulant child and went over to my brother's, he's learning the ukulele. Well, that'll fix you, instant happiness.

  2. I love your buttons, and that buckle. Accessories are brilliant!

    1. Thanks,Val! I know you know the love of accessories. Important!

  3. Beautiful! The lace decoration is superb!

    1. Thank you, you are always so kind with your praise.

  4. Yes. Gold Tassels! This is so pretty, love the color. Love the frankenpatterning!

    1. Thanks, I love to bend a pattern to my will!