Sunday, June 26, 2016

Outlander at the Paley

The Paley Center for Media has a wonderful exhibit on now, the Artistry of Outlander. A gallery full of costumes and set design, beautifully staged.

So much attention has been given to the Dior suit and the red dress, that the brilliance of the other costumes have been overshadowed. This is a close up look at the great detail involved in the making of these suits. I was really impressed by the men's costumes, the embroidery was fantastic. Of course it is all machine done, but so well it's a marvel.

Nice detail of  one of Bonny Prince C's suits.

It holds-up to close-up scrutiny.

As much as I liked the women's clothes the men's suits were remarkable. 


This trim, on close inspection turned out to be the bars from hook and bar closures, sewn very close together! It is genius.

The back of the apothecary's coat, you only get  glimpses of it on screen. The rest of the of the embellishment is embroidery in nightmarish motifs.
All the dresses are there. The Dior suit, the red dress and the brown embroidered, banyans etc.
This exhibit runs through August 14. If you plan to be in the Los Angles area for Costume College, I'd put a trip to Beverly Hills on the agenda, about the only thing you can do in BH for free./

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  1. Oh, I'll keep my fingers crossed that this amazing exhibition will come to Germany as well. Although my hopes are not that high to be honest. Thanks for the detail shots!