Thursday, September 22, 2016

Every Day I Dye a Little and Shoe Confessions

Where was I?
At the intersection of too many choices and indecision. It was time to dye the un-dyed.
My American Duchess 'Dunmore' shoes had been languishing for lack of color. First I made a false start with aqua. I had visions of 'go with everything' deep Caribbean blue/green depths. Not to be. Then this happened across the Facebooks. Holy Cow!
SO much beauty....
 I ordered the dye from American Duchess and set to work. The dyes go on great but two tone colorways are a bit tricky.
I let the coral pink dry for a few days, screwing up my courage to add the black. I used junk drawer duct tape to tape off the pink, it worked fine. You need a steady hand and a few fine tip cotton swabs in addition to the cotton daubers and defiantly more than one coat of dye.
 Are they as pretty as the originals? Hardly, but I still like them, which is good. They will be worn with all the dresses.
The walking dyed
 Not surprisingly, I also had a pair of  'Tissot' dance pumps in need of color.
Orphan Tissots, alone and palely loitering.
 I had enough black dye left to give the Tissots a few coats. Super easy, this dye goes on smooth and the cotton sateen is very absorbent. They will all need a fix of Scotch-guard before wearing or my stockings will tell the tale.
My dragon's hoard of buckles, the shiny....

Now which to use? I confess, I like a sparkly buckle.
I wish I had ordered another pair of Tissots before they sold out, they would look smashing in a pale champagne color.
'Dunmores' come in dye-able cotton sateen and black wool, here's the link

She has a new boot called 'Balmoral' which comes in black leather with black cotton sateen uppers. I'm hoping for a dye-able version with the same black toes and heels. Dreamy.

Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine