Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thrift Store George Sand

Halloween time.
Not a time for amateurs, sure the costume muggles may buy party store sexy nurse in a bag, but my patience with the lack of imagination gets thinner every year.
Honestly, if you want a sexy costume why not branch out? Sexy Supreme Court Justice, sexy Settlement House worker, sexy Huguenot?
You will ask, "Why sexy"? It's not the sexy I object to as much as the abysmal poverty of imagination. The sexy will go the way of all such youthful excess, let 'em have it.  
To that end I present-
Miss Brilliantine's Gallery of Thrift Store Historic Personages!

Thrift store George Sand
Merle Oberon, Judy Davis and of course George Sand, herself.
Authoress, muse and scandalous flouter of conventions, she lives in our imagination not so much for her novels as her determination to live by her own rules. Frankly, she sounds like a nightmare, but we don't have to invite her for the Holidays and listen to her sob stories, we can just enjoy.
Here's my version-
Bad case of "Resting Authoress Face"
Let's break it down, The whole impetus was finding a Macy's I.N.C. brand jacket at the thrift. It had all the things, length, color and even flap pockets at the waistline. It is modern so no actual waist seam, the thing that makes a frock coat, frock.
I just changed the buttons, because ugly plastic
  Frilly cotton blouse and trusty brocade vest made up the rest. Both came from thrift stores, the blouse recently, the vest so long ago it's been very kind of dress-up. The plaid pants are from my current closet, they look cute with boots and a sweater.
Ruffly shirt says "Dandy"!
And nothing sells an impression like accessories.
"Pardon me, can you direct me to the acetate ascot department?"
Robert Land boots, from the olden days, Laura Ashley hat, because who knows when it will come in handy? And pencil watch fob, nothing says "Authoress" louder.
There you have it. Will the unenlightened ask if you are Willy Wonka? Sure, but if you are like me you'll detain them with a lengthy history lesson, that'll learn 'em. Now add attitude and have your fragile lover write you a couple of sonatas, hopefully by moonlight.
Next up thrift store Frida Kahlo.

Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine.


  1. "Abysmal poverty of imagination." Hahahahaa! THAT is brilliant!! Way to go on this epic ensemble! I love that imagination of yours and I agree...with the sheer number of thrift stores, why would anyone want a nurse in a bag outfit?

  2. Since all I want to do is sit outside our front door on Halloween and scare the crap out of kids, I re-use a black robe and hood every year but change the face mask I wear. When you hear kids on the sidewalk say, "I'm not going up there", you know you slammed it. Going to have a skeleton wrapped in a spider cocoon hanging from the tree as a warning this year.
    Yeah, not too much work put into it but the screams are golden.