Monday, October 24, 2016

Thrift Store Frida Kahlo

We know her.
The mono-brow, the flowers, the braids, the folkloric aesthetic. Fierce painter, wife of Diego Rivera, life long communist (which now seems so quaint).  Style icon.
Would she be pleased that we can distill her down to a few shorthand pieces? Who knows.
It's the hallmark of the original.
Frida's Vogue cover portrait.
And my humble homage.

Monkey is optional.

Let's break it down.
Indian cotton skirt, cotton blouse with embroidery and random white skirt used as petticoat. All from the thrift.

Fake fur mustachio cut down and used for mono brow. This is a 99c Store treasure.

Snaky belt from deep inside the closet.

Floral headpiece also from the 99c Store. One flower came on each headband, I bought 5.  Monkey looks right at home.
Remix "Balboa" shoes and jingle-jangle bracelets from the bottom of the drawer. 
Now work it, baby!

Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Senorita Brilliantina 


  1. You're a crack-up. I feel like taking tweezers to your brows.

  2. No Way! Then I'd just be a cocktail waitress at a chain Mexican restaurant. "Another strawberry margarita?"