Friday, February 17, 2017

I Made Do and Mended

Or re-purposed or did-over.
Scant sewing going on over here but I have been keen on the re-fashion. I find it fun, like a practical puzzle one can wear.
I found a nice wool 90's era pants suit at the thrift. Great detail and lovely construction, it did have a few issues in the design which tagged it as mid 90's. Looksy

I loved the bias detail but hated the length.

High waisted pegged pants, oh so 90's.
I thought the pants had enough fabric to turn them into a skirt and I was right!
I cut out the lining and opened the leg seams.

I made a center front seam by cutting down the ease.

Here it is laid out flat, I cut off the bottom of the leg below the knee.

I love the bias detail on the side seam. I thought I would need a gore on the cb seam but the pants were wide enough, so no need.
Full disclosure, I took the jacket to a tailor to have cut down. It really is beyond my skill set and I didn't want to risk ruining it just to be thrifty. I wish I had more tailoring chops, it's a different animal.
All tricked out with gloves, a repro hat and a tiny "V" for victory pin.
Side seam detail and I need to stand up straight.
I'm slowly coming around to a few actual sewing projects. Time will tell.

Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine.


  1. It looks fabulous! What a cool jacket with that bias trim, great find.

    p.s. I'd love the name of the tailor! ;)

  2. Ok, that was totally brilliant! LOVE the new skirt suit you re-made! You are a make do and mend rock star!