Friday, May 4, 2018

I Contemplate VCL

Visible Corset Line

We know the ideal smooth, round and without a visible break. It should be a cinch (cinch!), but it's more a struggle, fit and fashion v. restriction or as I like to think of it T.Rex arms.  Modern recreators dispute, condemn, rework, let out a seam. Sometimes to effect, but not always.
I present an assuaging collage, 'cause they didn't always get it right either.
A small and easily gathered sample, if you look you can see it everywhere.
Would I like creaseless perfection?  Yes. I would also like penny whistles and pony rides.  I know an extra layer would relieve most of the line, but I just don't wanna. It's one more layer- not gonna do it. So in solidarity with my sinuous sisters, you're going to see my corset.
There it is front and back, I like to think the multi-directional stripes hide it cleverly- but it don't.
I'm pretty happy with it's first run, I may tweak it a bit, the tail needs a weight to keep it from flipping and I forgot to add the stays to the channels in front (I only ever bone the front). It was light and crisp and really fun to wear. And that's the goal.

Children of nature....... and taffeta

The entire point of this dress was a GBACG outing to Roaring Camp. Steam train, BBQ and nature. So. Much. Fun. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, the day was perfection, the weather was fine and everyone looked primped and polished. All in all about 80 attendees, including your thimble servant and my dear friend Todi. 
Lovely Cynthia, one of the organizers and her not so little man.
Afterwards we rambled in the redwoods, the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park  to be exact. 
I contemplate Rousseau and his natural man. Uh-huh.

Heaven in every particular. 
In Super-Blurification! (But you can still see the corset line)
Ah well, I am content.

Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine

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  1. I love the blur-o-vision photo! Your ensemble is perfection, corset lines and all.