Sunday, February 10, 2019

Practically Perfect Pleater

Tuck! Press! Sew!
So easy a monkey could do it.
Sure, most everyone who pleats has a love/hate relationship with the 'Perfect Pleater'. Do we yearn for crisp pleated edges, yes we do. Do we struggle with keeping the fabric tucked in the channel of the pleat above while we wrestle the pleat below. Yes. Some use plastic rulers, others slide a credit card into the channel to keep it neat. I have used a library card and kept faith with put upon heroines from literature.
Reader, I have found a better way! Bones. Two white metal bones, leap frogging over and under as you work your way down the board. It needs a dexterous hand as you have to keep them both tucked in or the fabric will slip.
Why use the talking, when there can be showing.
It works, just be warned the metal gets hot. But I will risk red fingers. The pleating is going along the bottom of the underskirt for my Sis-in-law's ball gown.
Pleat, press, leapfrog the top bone down. The perfect repeating pleater.
The HA way to finish the edges it to 'book' them before you start pleating, that's basically backing the strip of fabric with muslin. No stitching shows and it's nice and stiff. I'll describe my cheat, I don't want to risk censure from the Internet Marms. I press in a 1/4 inch hem on both edges and use the 1/4 inch Stitch Witchery in the hem, done. No stitching shows and it keeps the pleats super crisp.
Tell no one.

I love tools. My father was an engineer so maybe it's genetic, he was a precise person. I have a few tools from his office I still use, rulers, T-squares, pencils. And the best thing ever-
a 48" metal construction ruler. Get one for your birthday, no kidding its the best, use it to cut on the straight or make perfect bias strips. It will also keep fabric from slipping as you cut large pieces.
Measure twice, cut once, construction ruler, you are so wise.

Also found in his office, it has case anyone wants to borrow it.
This is my 90th post! Well, well.

Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine

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  1. Thanks for renewing my faith in the Perfect Pleater. Now to dig it out from the corner I threw it in, and try again.