Monday, October 6, 2014

Scurry to the Seaside

This weekend was very hot and little me thought the seaside would bring some relief. Not really, it was hot and humid, so humid it made my pleatings droop and my hair go all out of curl. But we soldiered on and just drank more. Pt. Fermin Lighthouse in San Pedro was our venue. A lovely light house built in the 1870's, buildings of this era are rather rare in So. Cal. as we love to pull things down and build more modern buildings only to pull those down again. It's a forty year cycle.
Hey, where's my cupola
 We are kindly allowed to picnic inside the lighthouse fence like tame Victorians.
jolly Tars

Emily, from the blog The Ginger Minion
Paul and the picnic pooches
Jake sports his new linen coat
 The hat was very satisfactory, I did have to remove the tattered vintage ribbon, it was dissolving before my eyes. (And I think it's time for a new corset.)
Peek-a-boo waistband
 The aqua dress was a moderate success, I did notice afterward that my waist band had come  unhooked  and the dress was dragging on one side.
Six inches deep in mud and I finally got to wear my American Duchess Tissot boots!

I finally got to wear my new American Duchess boots, very comfy the first time out even if they did get a little muddy. The  enthusiasm for this outfit was dampened by the postponement of the picnic. I'm ready to put it aside and start on something else. Maybe a fast and easy 40's frock, as a palate cleanser, like Roman punch between courses.

Ever Your Thimble Servant
Miss Brilliantine

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  1. OMG the boots are Reniors! And you can get them here