Thursday, October 2, 2014

Al Fresco Won't Let You Down

Since the dawn of time man has said, "It looks nice, let's eat our sandwiches outside". True story. The Romans said it, then the world went dark, I theorize it's because no one eat their lunch on the grass. The Renaissance saw an upturn in fresh air dining, just ask the Borgias.  The Enlightenment happened only because Newton was eating his pastie under that tree. Uh Huh. I could go on but why not just show you pictures of picnics passed, in no coherent order.
(Also, it's not really Autumn here yet, we are bracing for a very hot weekend)
"And then I says to her, I says........"

All the pretty ladies at Rancho Camulos

Your Thimble Servant

Jake strikes a picnic attitude

Loren and Alyxx

The amazing painter Chuck Kovacic and his lovely wife Athene

Assembled gentlemen, circa 2007, some who are no longer with us
 And a vid from last year,
Al fresco won't let you down.

Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine

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  1. Ah such wonderful memories, almost makes me feel like I'm outside again!