Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Public vs. Private

Someone recently suggested I link this blog to Facebook. I'd potentially reach more people, this sounds like a good idea. Sounds like. I have been torn from the beginnings of the interwebs between the desire to connect, contribute and share with the very deep seated desire for privacy. Funny that.
I want to crack wise and pontificate all from behind a folding fan, or secreted behind a screen like an eavesdropper in a Restoration comedy. Occasionally running to the edge of the stage to comment to the audience.  I have an expectation of privacy, it may be generational, but I do feel the internal tension between holding it tight and letting it go.  I know this debate has been around as long as the internets, it's not new, but I used to just default to anonymity. How do you all deal?  Does it matter?

Anyway, I WILL have pictures of the seaside picnic next time. Even if I'm dressed in a barrel.
Every your Thimble,
Miss Brilliantine


  1. You know, I'm with you on this one. I've thought about attaching my blog to Facebook before and I continue to choose not to. Despite the fact that you DO reach more people you also lose some privacy. Not only that but I feel as though people on Facebook desire that you connect with them more frequently. I like the freedom from that pressure that only having a blog gives me.

  2. There is another option, you can create a facebook page strictly for the blog, several blogger I know do this. That way you keep your private face but have a place to post links to blog posts for the masses to enjoy.

  3. Loren, I was considering it, but as AD says there is the expectation of constant connection. I am sporadic in my FB posts as it is. Sometimes I'm all over the place commenting and sometimes I just leave it alone.

  4. Yet I did post a profile pic, progress!