Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Forget it Jake, It's Gatsby Town

I attended the Gatsby Summer Afternoon in Oakland on Sunday with the BF and my brother. Saturday night we saw Ballet Russe Spectacle Variete, part of the Fringe Festival in San Francisco. Sprung fully formed from the brain of my friend B. Todi. Anyone who goes to the Great Christmas Dickens Fair will have the opportunity to see this hilarious act. http://www.dickensfair.com/

There was much drinking and some dancing so the pictures are few (yes I know people want to SEE things). The crowd was great, everywhere you looked critical mass of revelers.

The Dunsmuir house is in the background and the hubbub was epic, imagine the orchestra playing a 20's standard. There were plenty of vintage cars, as usual and plenty of bathtub gin, or bathtub champagne if you prefer.
I love a nice outdoor dance floor, it's so jolly. If you are very eagle eyed you may spot Autumn Adamme of Dark Garden corsetry,http://www.darkgarden.com/

Speaking of pictures, all the pictures of the dress looked terrible. (I get to choose cuz it's my blog.) So instead here are a few in a park-like setting.

It looked good enough but the action shots were not up to snuff. Too much sun, too much shade or a terrible candid shot chewing. That always happens to me.....

Forget it Jake, it's Gatsby town

Ever your Thimble,
Miss Brilliantine

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  1. Ah I adore a Gatsby picnic!! Looks like this one was a fabulous one!!! Don't you just hate it when you spend an eternity on an outfit and none of the pictures taken of it make you happy! So frustrating!! But! Your park like setting pictures are gorgeous!! What a fun event this must have been to attend!