Monday, September 8, 2014

99c Store Shoe Clips and Indecision

I love the 99c Store. You may be Dollar General or Dollar Tree fans, but you also may be millionaires.
I  have a love of re-purposing, or as I like to say making things out of other things. Not as elegant but descriptive. Bath pillows as emergency bustle pads? I'm for it! Taking apart a cheap umbrella to use on a parasol that is missing a tip, Yes! Not a permanent fix but if you need just one....

To illustrate, I give you the 99c Store shoe clip.

They have these beaded rings, so many colors, but who would wear such a thing..... on their fingers.

The ring part is just hot glued on and with the judicious application of a hair drier the glue softens and the ring comes right off. You can even reuse the now hot glue to stick on the metal clips.
Which you can purchase on line here-

Just be careful not to glue on the clip open, like I did the first time, I couldn't get it closed. I have sewn them on which I think this is the better, more secure way.

The white ones in the middle have the rings taken off, you can see the glob of hot glue. The clips have sew through holes for proper application.

I was also contemplating using two together as a belt buckle-shiny. Or at the bottom of a sash for an Edwardian gown. The world is your oyster with little beady bits! Maybe the base of a plume for your hair. You decide.

Here is how they look.
Not perfectly ANY period, but peaking out from under a skirt as you waltz by, tantalizing.

Part Two-Indecision

The Gatsby Summer Afternoon in Oakland Ca. is fast approaching and while an actual 20's frock is not really flattering on me I do like a cute 30's number. I have the fabric and just too many patterns. That's the indecision. It's the part that always stops me in my tracks. See.

It's just a dress make up your mind.
I did finally, taking into account the sheerness of the cotton and how much pattern alteration I wanted to do.
*It's easy*
 It too is looking a little frumpy but as soon as I get the belt made I'm sure I'll like it. I'm wearing it anyway and I have a hat with the exact poppy as the print- that's why I never throw anything away.  I'll get pictures.

I will get to the aqua dress, the picnic is back on, more later.

Ever Your Thimble Servant,
Miss Brilliantine


  1. OMG, you are brilliant re those beaded rings, they look fabulous on the shoes!

  2. Thanks Loren! You know how I love to re-make things.